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Olive Oil Mill "Le Verdalet"


Le Verdalet

Olive Oil Mill


The olive oil mill: "Le Verdalet" opened in July 2009.

Located on the D 255 - Brujas Road, between Bessas and Brujas, you will be able to taste the different varieties of oils from the estate, as well as get guided tours of the facility and the olive groves from the "la Fontaine du Muletier" estate.


Opening times:

Phone: +33 6 15 98 05 46 or +33 4 75 38 66 23 (no english spoken)

Email: (written english understood)

Panneau d'entrée

Recommendations during the oil production season

The olive oil mill is open for oil production from late October to late December (dates can vary depending on the season).

Before bringing your olives to the mill, it is strongly recommended to make an appointment by phone ( at least 2 days in advance or when you begin picking your olives.

Starting from 100 to 150 kilos inputs, you can get your own olive oil. Below this amount, your olives will be integrated into a small batch from which you will obtain oil in proportion to your contribution.

Do not forget to bring your own containers (clean) preferably stainless steel or food-grade plastic.

The olives are received every day from 17.00 to 19.00.


Olive groves «la Fontaine du Muletier»

Jeunes oliviers en conversion AB

The « la Fontaine du Muletier » estate is located over the communes of Bessas and Vagnas (Ardeche). It includes an olive grove comprising 1,000 trees spread over several plots in a 2 km radius around the olive oil mill « Le Verdalet ».

The grove is cultivated without irrigation; it is being converted to organic agriculture since 2010. In 2013, the entire production will be grown organically and the first varieties to be sold under the organic label will come from the 2013 harvest.

The main varieties are:

In the shop, it is possible to taste a dozen different oils: mono-varietal or resulting from assemblages, with an intense fruity taste or a subtle taste.

Tasting and tour of the mill are free and available every day outside of the oil production period (from mid-October to late December).

For a visit of the olive groves, it is best to make an appointment by phone (


The Shop


Olive oil bottles and cans:

Bouteilles et bidons

Tasting boxes:

Coffrets dégustation

Perfumed oils:

Huiles parfumées


How the mill works

Olive crates waiting to be processed:

Caisses d'olives

Olives before washing:

Olives avant lavage

Olives after washing:

Olives sorties du bain

Olive washer, Grinder and mixer:


Olives going to the grinder:

Olives au broyeur

Mixing of the olive paste:


Mixer and drum centrifuge:


Horizontal drum centrifuge:

Centrifugeuse horizontale

Oil obtained from the drum centrifuge:

Huile centrifugeuse

Final separator:

Sépérateur final

First batch of olive oil made on the 28 October 2009:

Première huile

Shop, tasting and selling:



The New Mill

The new oil mill in 2023 :

Nouveau Lavage Nouveau Broyage Malaxage Nouveau Décanteur Nouveau combo1 Nouveau combo2 Nouveau Séparateur Commande


Around the Mill

The Mill and Bessas:


Village of Bessas from the mill:


North view from the mill:

Vue nord

Vineyards and olive trees:

Vigne et olivier

Young olive trees grove:

Jeunes oliviers

Flowering olive trees:

Oliviers fleuris Oliviers fleuris Oliviers fleuris

Old olive trees:

Vieil olivier

Old olive trees on terrace lands:

Vieux oliviers

Hand picking of olives from the tree:

Cueillette des olives

Picking of olives with vibrating comb on young trees:

Récolte des olives

Mature olives before picking:

Olives mûres

Hand picking in sunny weather:

Récolte manuelle

Ready to press 'picholine' olives:

Picholine prête pour trituration

Mature 'rougette' olives:

Rougette à pleine maturité

Mill in the fall:

Fin de journée

Olive tree at dusk:

Fin de journée


Illustrated timeline of the mill

Land in July 2006, with only the foundations and steel frame:

Moulin en 2006

Masonry works in July 2008:

Moulin en juillet 2008

Jointed stone cladding finished in August 2008:

Moulin en aout 2008

Arrival and installation of the Rapanelli press in May 2009:

Moulin en mai 2009

Final finishes in July 2009, installation of signs:

Moulin fini en juillet 2009

Open door operation for the inauguration from 26th to 28th July 2009:

Moulin pour les portes ouvertes

Mill in June 2010:


Extension of the building in June 2011:


Finishes to the extension in July 2011:



About olives


For more information on olives, please go to the afidol website, french oil association:

You can find recipes to use your oil and your olives in two booklets published by Afidol, available for free download on the website: 'Huiles et olives'.

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